Friday, June 19, 2009

Bye, Bye Car...

So, apparently my car took us a little too literally when we asked it to pretty-please just get us back to New Hampshire. Yesterday I took it in for its state inspection (and a few other things as well), and then we got a phone call that told us it would require a tremendous, expensive amount of work just to pass the inspection.

My car is a 1994 Subaru wagon with almost 140,000 miles on it. We aren't going to spend thousands of dollars to fix it.

And so, in the midst of this rainy weather, we are a one car family and on the lookout for a much-less-used Subaru wagon! Luckily we are in northern New England, the Subaru heartland, and finding one shouldn't actually be all this difficult. I think they all might come with a complementary Obama sticker, too.

(Yes, I would love to have a hybrid, but we need a car with more cargo space than a Prius, Accord, or Insight.)

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Allyson Wendt said...

So long, Subaru! We'll keep our eyes open down here. Ours is a 99 that's got about 180,000 miles--and has a "Vote With Your Fork" sticker (the Obama sticker's on the house).