Friday, June 12, 2009

Red Sox Nation

One of the wonderful things about being back in New Hampshire is that it is Red Sox country. There's a big article in the sports section every day, I can listen to the game on the radio if I happen to be in the car, and if we were willing to ante up for cable, we could watch all the games on TV.

Especially happy days right now, as the Sox have just finished up a very satisfying sweep of the Yankees.

Little B got an early start on her path to loving the Sox:

And apparently this lesson sunk in well. At daycare, Miss A uses some blankets on the edges of the Pack 'n Play to help make it nice and dark so Brynna can sleep. She told me today that one of them is a Red Sox blanket, and when Brynna is trying to go to sleep, she strokes the logo over and over.

We'll have to get her a bigger Red Sox T-shirt now, I guess!

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