Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We're Online!

Cute photos to tide you over until we really get our act together (Brynna may in fact be really, truly teething now and is taking up quite a bit of our energy)...

Trying out her new maple-flavored teething biscuits:

(You will note that she is not wearing a bib. Silly Mommy did not realize that teething biscuits create an ENORMOUS mess. Jasper eats his biscuits quite tidily, after all...)

The crazy hat people!

We're wading through our emails and to-do lists, hoping to have the majority of the settling-in (and blogging) done by the time I start orientation in a week and a half. Brynna did very well at daycare again this morning (I want bonus points both for leaving even though she was crying, and for not crying myself). When I arrived to pick her up at 12:30, she was sitting happily on Miss A's lap on the porch, eating yogurt out of a tube. She briefly acknowledged my arrival with a smile but then turned her attention back to the yogurt until she was sure that it was all gone, at which time she agreed to be lifted into my arms. I think she feels slightly gypped that we did not provide her with a big brother before now, as she clearly adores J. The admiration is mutual—he blew her kisses as we wheeled away down the street.

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