Monday, June 29, 2009

So far, so busy...

2 AM.

I'm in the call room, just finished pumping some milk for Brynna. We've been slammed with back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back admissions from the Emergency Room, so I've been going nonstop since I got here at 6 PM. This is actually a good thing as I have had no time to be tired, and the time is going by very quickly. (Though I've got to admit, the ED from med school is looking super-good compared to the crappy service we're getting from them down there tonight!)

It's very annoying not to know the computer system, as it keeps me from being efficient! Also, the computers are terribly slow, so the combination of my slow speed and the slow response once I do figure out what button to click on is a dreadful combination.

My senior resident is wonderful.

I am not a complete moron, as I have gotten along well with my patients, discovered physical exam findings similar to my senior's, and have a generally correct idea of what we should do with these patients.

And...the peak of my achievements for this evening...I left my senior a little while ago, on another floor, at the other end of the hospital, and I FOUND MY WAY TO MY CALL ROOM. With nary a wrong turn, thank you very much.

Heading back to the ED for another admit.

I'm really hoping Alex and Brynna are having a good night!


Allyson Wendt said...

Sounds like getting together for dinner anytime soon would be impossible!

Beth said...

So proud of you! won't have my first call night for another month or so...terrified that i won't survive...but impressed you "sound" so upbeat despite the crazy night!

Missing you lots!