Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekend in Pennsylvania

This past weekend, we went to Pennsylvania, where my dear friend Sara was being ordained as a minister. Brynna was an absolute trooper, happily altering her nap, bed, and feeding times to accommodate the car rides, the church service, and a lovely party the next day.

Here she is eating on the run in the hotel room before the service on Saturday night. (Better to put the dress on after the meal, you see.)

And here we are playing in the aisle during the sermon.

As Brynna was playing in the aisle, she saw a couple of ushers sitting a little further back in the church. They were older gentlemen, and happily returned Brynna's enthusiastic waves and smiles. After one such exchange, Brynna reached down, grabbed the hem of her dress, and lifted it waaaaay over her head. Peek-a-boo! We are now referring to it as Brynna's Marilyn moment.

The service was about two hours long, and we managed to keep her happy and entertained throughout. She spent the last bit walking in the back with my dad, and clapping for the newly ordained ministers—she loves clapping! (She clapped extra for Sara.)

The next day was even more fun. It was a beautiful day, and Sara hosted a wonderful picnic, complete with Indian food. Brynna spent awhile wandering around in Sara's arms (I really wish I had taken some photos), sitting with us and tasting some Indian food, and hanging out with Grand and M. Here she is watching everyone play frisbee from her Pack 'n Play:

She was so charming throughout the trip!

And here's Jasper, who also enjoyed himself at the picnic. He even ran around in the vicinity of a tennis ball for a little while. (We wouldn't exactly call it "fetch" yet, but at least he doesn't run away from the ball like he used to. Now he even pounces on it, and sometimes picks it up!)

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