Saturday, June 28, 2008

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So, we've been a bit lax about posting over the last's been so busy, even with both of us at home, that we look at each other around 11 PM, say "what happened to the time?" and collapse into bed.

A few quick updates:
-We road-tripped to Chicago so that I could do the clinical skills portion of the Step 2 licensing exam. This was about as fun as I would imagine a root canal to be, involving 7 hours of graded interactions with standardized patients. I found the time limit difficult to deal with, but did remember to drape each patient modestly and to wash my hands, so that's something. The first couple of nights after the exam, I kept waking up thinking of all of the questions I should have asked and physical exam maneuvers I should have performed, but that's stopped now and I will just cross my fingers that when the scores come out in a few months, I will have passed.
-I started my community pediatrics rotation, which is wonderful. It is quite a change to introduce myself as a fourth year rather than a third year! I've had great preceptors so far and am learning a lot. We're doing a lot of well-child visits, which is a good opportunity to create a picture in my head of what healthy kids of different ages are doing developmentally (having a baby will help me out big time in this regard as well). I'll have two more weeks in this rotation.
-Alex is hard at work on the medicine cabinet. He's altered his design plans slightly, but I'll let him post on that at a later date. We won't have a hole in the bathroom wall for too much longer! The painting that he did while I was away looks fantastic.
-Jasper continues to enjoy the summer, bouncing in and out of the stream several times on our evening walk. He's doing very well with the loose-leash walking and "come," which are our current areas of focus. He's even let us sleep until our alarm the last couple of days, which is delightful!
-The crumpet has continued to be a very cooperative kiddo, not waking me up at night but nice and active during the day. We drove up to the Cities today and picked up a rocker/glider and footstool that we found on Craigslist, which is a baby gift from Art and Denny! It's going to be great, and I'll post a photo soon. My friend Beth also hosted a wonderful shower for us today, so look for pictures from that in the next few days, as well!

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Jared and Allison said...

H & A -

Over the next month Jared and I will be back and forth between Roch and the Twin Cities- let us know if you want us to pick up things you find on Craigslist to avoid extra trippage :)

Sorry I missed the shower - Hope it was wonderful!!

Much Love,