Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last Night in Scottsdale

I am very excited to be heading back to Minnesota to join the rest of the moose family tomorrow!

My big task of the evening was dealing with my recycling...the apartment complex does not recycle, but I have been saving all my containers anyway. A couple of weeks ago, I found the Scottsdale recycling website and emailed them to find out whether there was some sort of drop-off point.

So tonight, I loaded everything into the car and headed off to a fire station a few miles away, where I'd been told I could find some large city bins. It was 105 degrees at 8 PM! Nonetheless, I was slinging all my bags into a bin when—CRASH—the glass bottles fell through the bottom of their bag and several shattered all over the pavement.

I was just starting to pick up the pieces when a couple of firemen who had been working outside came over with a broom and took care of the whole mess for me. Very kind and helpful!

The rest of the night will be spent packing up the rest of my belongings, other than the things I took to the hospital today to be shipped back up to Rochester on the clinic's dime.

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Beth said...

I'm excitedly awaiting your return to Rochester!!