Saturday, June 14, 2008

Dartmouth Day 2

I must say, as pathetic as I felt getting the pregnant lady room (1st floor, right by the class tent, a single with its own bathroom), it's actually fantastic. No 3 AM trips down the stairs to pant up...though the haze of marijuana smoke outside in the hallway earlier was perhaps not ideal for either my lungs or the crumpet's. It doesn't seem to have percolated through the door, though, so that's good. Ah, the joys of being back at college!

The girls and I all met up for breakfast this morning, splitting our allegiance between the Dirt Cowboy Cafe (iced chai! blueberry muffin!) and the Bagel Basement. Then we had a walk around Occom Pond.

My parents took us out for lunch at the Canoe Club, very elegant! Here's a nice shot of our group (me, Katie, Lauren, Sara, Kristin, Dad, Mom, Rachel):

I totally did not see this coming, but it actually turned into a mini-shower for the crumpet! I got photos and descriptions of several goodies that are on their way to Rochester (how did they know that my duffle bag can't take much more?). Sara is knitting us a baby blanket, and was very disappointed that baby-soft wool does not seem to come in Dartmouth green. It's a lovely blue-green instead, though, which I'm sure the crumpet will love. Here she is working on it:

Lauren also made us the most wonderful baby scrapbook by having a copy of Goodnight Moon re-bound with extra blank pages inside to write on and attach photos to. So creative!

I also picked up a little pair of baby socks at the Co-op today. I couldn't resist, as they say "Dartmouth" and have a little moose pattern all over them.

Later in the afternoon, after Dirt Cowboy chai #2 of the day, I headed out to visit Panache, who is really having a lovely retirement in Norwich. I groomed him for a little while and got a chance to catch up with Lisa and Don as well. Less fuzz fell off than last time since his summer coat is basically in by now, but he was very itchy from bug bites and so appreciated the attention with the curry comb very much.

This evening there was a dinner down near the river, and the after-party is now going on full blast outside my window. I'm hoping that I'll still be able to get to sleep pretty's going to be a long week of traveling and taking exams, and I don't want to go into it too tired!

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