Monday, June 9, 2008

In Phoenix Again

Taking some much needed R&R, I've been visiting H and the crumpet in Scottsdale this past weekend. Really, one could describe the whole weekend in that one sentence. But, since this is not Twitter, but an actual blog, I'll elaborate a touch.

I showed up late Friday after a flight as pleasant as one can hope for these days. Saturday was spent largely hanging around and escaping the heat. We had a really neat dinner at a vegan restaurant called, simply, Green, and enjoyed a tasty meal and Tsoynamis for dessert while working our way through a baby names book. Don't expect to hear much about names from us until the crumpet actually arrives. I will say this - many of the entries in that book are clearly made up. I ask you, have you ever met a girl named Parslee, or Schmoopie? I won't even go into the bastardized spellings of popular names these days.

Sunday we had brunch at a place called The Mandala Tearoom, in the artsy district of Scottsdale. That's where this hear horsy fountain is located. In the afternoon we saw the latest Indiana Jones movie. I could perhaps write a review, but instead will sum up by saying that if you go into it looking for entertainment and fun, though not quite as good Raiders of the Lost Ark, then you'll not be disappointed. Some of the adventure sequences are over-contrived, but clever nonetheless.

And now I am hanging before my flight back, while Hilary begins a week rotation through the ICU. I'll be spending this week, like last, splitting my time between the knee walker at work and the bathroom at home.

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Mark Alvarez said...

So what's wrong with Schmoopie? Don't be such a couple of stick-in-the-muds.