Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jasper the Great

Jasper was such a star on his walk this evening. I wanted to have him on the leash at the beginning of our outing, but he is often excited and pulling at the outset, which is not good for my back these days! (Alex has mostly taken over holding him on this part of the walk.) So I loaded up my waist pack with treats and the clicker, and set out to see if he remembered his loose-leash walking skills. We had never practiced at the beginning of a walk before, but he figured it all out right away and happily wandered down the sidewalk right next to me, getting periodic munchies and not pulling at all. What a champ!

Here he is with his new short summer cut (see, he DOES have eyes!):

In other news, we had a checkup with the midwife today. The crumpet is about 33 1/2 weeks and is measuring well, with a very good heartbeat. Everything seems to be going fine...she is nice and active (but still quite cooperative about letting me sleep) and just continuing to grow and grow.

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