Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bathroom shaping up

I have managed in the last day or two to get the first coat of paint up in the bathroom. The color, according to the paint producer, is "Cracked Wheat." It is a light shade of yellow-gold, which you can see against the white primer below. I have to admit that it appeared more subtle when looking at the color swatch. I had some angst that it would be too much, too bold, a color to put in the bathroom. Would it play nicely with the (existing) light green trim? How about the finished oak of the vanity and medicine cabinets? How would it look under the soft-white of the vanity lights (which are currently sitting in the corner. I suddenly felt out of my depth.

But, now that all the walls are covered and dried, I think it will be alright. The yellow-green combination of colors is a favorite in hobbit clothing, if that is any comfort.

And yes, the gaping hole in the wall is still there, and still gaping. I won't be able to fill it until the painting is done and the cabinet it finished. I am making some progress with that, though. I recently got the hinges I need in the mail, although laying out holes and cuts to make them fit and line up right will be tricky. That's a job for the weekend.

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